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Linear Motion Services

Kaman Industrial Technologies is a leading source of linear motion products and services used in a wide range of manufacturing and process industries throughout North America.

linear motion components and systems–and related products encompassing electrical, power transmission, material handling and fluid power technologies–are available through our national network of nearly 200 strategically located service and distribution centers.

Kaman's "culture of innovation"–rugged self-service, entrepreneurial vision and affinity for technology–means that we don't just take orders, but solve problems and provide "engineered solutions."

Linear Motion

This "fully-integrated" solutions approach means we can provide you with more than just a simple one-dimensional response to your linear motion requirements. It means we can modift standard components or create a unique, proprietary system to your specifications. Whatever the need, you can now satisfy all of your linear motion products and service requirements from one source.

Our specialists can help you with application problems and provide everything from system design and assembly to inventory analysis. Our Documented Savings Program–pioneered over 20 years ago–can give you proof, in writing, of your total overall savings.

Ultimately our goal is to deliver maximum value to keep your plant running, while helping you become more productive, more competitive and more profitable.


Kaman Industrial Technologies offers a complete range of linear motion products and support services to simplify your processes. Our team of experts can assist with design or work with existing documentation for custom machined shafts, rails, tables and gantries to your specific requirements. We can also modify components to complete sub-assemblies that meet your needs for quicker cycle times, higher velocities and more precise positioning.