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Hydraulics & Pneumatics Services

Kaman Industrial Technologies supplies an extensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic products and services to companies throughout North America, utilizing our network of nearly 200 service locations and regional distribution hubs.

Our fluid power capabilities include hydraulic and pneumatic system design, testing and rebuild services. Kaman's team of fluid power specialists can help you develop custom hydraulic/pneumatic power units or systems to fit your unique requirements.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Because we offer a "fully integrated" solutions approach, we can provide you with more than just a simple one-dimensional response to any given fluid power problem. Our "culture of innovation" - rugged self-reliance, entrepreneurial vision and affinity for technology - means we just don't take orders, but solve problems, providing a true "engineered solution".

We also conduct complete inventory and application analysis, and can suggest product changes based upon regular monitoring of component and system performance.

Ultimately, our goal is to keep your plant running smoothly and efficiently, year-in and year-out. We do this by delivering maximum value to you, helping you become more efficient, more productive, more competitive and more profitable.


Kaman Industrial Technologies can provide you with a full range of hydraulics & pneumatics and related support services to keep you up and running:

  • Custom design of hydraulic power units and systems, from mounting the pump, aligning couplings and installing every type of motor from FHP to 500 HP. Custom cutting, coupling and assembly of hydraulic and industrial hoses are also available
  • Reservoir designs include JIC, flooded suction and "specials" from three to 2,500 gallons. We offer standard reservoir sizes, as well as complete schematics and spare parts lists on every power unit.
  • Hydraulic capabilities include servo valves, proportional valves, linear positioning cylinders and hydraulic motors with encoders for feedback to PLC devices. In addition to high pressure hydraulics, we have extensive experience in live oil bearing lubrication, gear box lubrication systems, and oil filtration systems
  • The Kaman Fluid Analysis Program can extend equipment life, identify problems and maximize asset reliability.

Kaman Filter Cart

As much as 70% of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminated fluids. These failures can result in unanticipated downtime, negatively affecting revenue. Add the cost of hazardous waste disposal of used fluids and it becomes obvious that prolonging fluid life makes economic sense.

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