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Energy & Power Management Services

With reducing energy costs the leading driver of manufacturing efficiency worldwide, Kaman is committed to working with our customers to develop a comprehensive energy strategy. Regardless of industry, active management of your energy use can deliver utility savings of 10% to 30% across the board, with savings of 30% to 50% in specific applications.

Increasing Efficiency & Equipment Life

As your in-plant partner, Kaman is focused on working with you to increase productivity, equipment life and bottom-line profits, while reducing energy use, maintenance requirements and inventory levels. Kaman’s integrated approach toward energy management targets improvements at the component, process and operations level.

Component Efficiency

Get tomorrow’s performance today without large-scale retrofits by upgrading equipment at the component and controls level. When replacing components, look at operating cost rather than purchase price and invest in the highest efficiency equipment you can afford.

Process Optimization

Replace mechanical control devices with variable speed controls to precisely match equipment output to today’s production requirements. Rather than running equipment at full speed, operate at precisely the process requirement and trim your energy bill instead.

On-Demand Operation

Leverage natural slowdowns in the production process by moving from "always on" to "on-demand" production. Implement automated controls and sensors to allow equipment to go to sleep or drop to an idle speed when the work function has stopped.


Kaman is dedicated to helping you save energy and maximize your plant's efficiency. Browse our whitepapers and videos to learn more about the services we can provide you.

Practical Perspectives on Optimizing Steam Efficiency

Practical Perspectives on Optimizing Steam System Efficiency

Practical Perspectives on Motor Management

Practical Perspectives on Optimizing Steam System Efficiency

Practical Perspectives on Motor Systems Efficiency

Practical Perspectives on Optimizing Steam System Efficiency


Energy Management Strategies & EISA

In this video series, learn about the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, how you can use EISA as a springboard to greater operational efficiency and the significance of EISA for variable torque applications.

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