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Kaman Industrial Technologies is one of North America's premier sources for electrical products, automation & control products, and services.

Now you can satisfy you electrical control needs from a single source - whether it's a maintenance replacement part or an application analysis, or the complete design of complex electrical systems.

Our "culture of innovation" - rugged self-reliance, entrepreneurial vision and affinity for technology - means we don't just take orders, we solve problems.

Because we provide "engineered solutions" for a wide range of electrical requirements, we can offer more than just a simple one-dimensional response to any given electrical problem.

Products and services are available locally through a national network of nearly 200 strategically located service and distribution centers. Our team of electrical specialists are ready to help you with any product or technology application problems.

And, Documented Savings - a program we pioneered - can give you the proof, in writing, of your total overall savings.

Ultimately, our goal is to keep your plant running smoothly and efficiently, year-in and year-out. We do this by delivering maximum value to our customers, helping them become more efficient, more productive, more competitive and more profitable. As a result of this dedication - and our integrated approach to products, technology and services - we routinely exceed our customers' expectations.


Kaman Industrial Technologies offers a full range of electrical and mechanical capabilities, including:

  • Engineered drive systems integration
  • Motor control systems integration
  • AC/DC, servo drive assembly packages
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control integration
  • PLC systems hardware and integration
  • Complex programming
  • Electro/mechanical solutions
  • Push-button operator stations
  • Motor/solid state reduced voltage starters
  • HMI's/graphic displays
  • Recipe development/annunciator panels
  • CADD generated drawings
  • Wiring harnesses/cable assemblies
  • Custom circuitry
  • Servo and vector product solutions
  • Testing with documentation: 575V, 230V, 208V/3 phase
  • Control systems integration
  • Field support by our network of electrical specialists
  • Specialty painting and finishing
  • PC board repair