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Kaman Industrial Technologies is one of North America's premier sources for bearings. We supply virtually every type of bearing made from nylon sleeve bearings to super-precision ABEC 9 sealed angular contact ceramic hybrids.

Our strengths extend well beyond expert product knowledge and timely availability. Our "culture of innovation" - rugged self-reliance, entrepreneurial vision and affinity for technology - means we offer fully integrated engineered solutions for all anti-friction requirements.

We also offer complete inventory and application analysis, and can suggest product upgrades or adjustments based upon performance and wear life monitoring. Our Documented Savings program can give you the proof, in writing, of your total overall savings.

Our bearing services include bearing and spindle repair, reclamation, housing modification, cleaning and repackaging of older bearing inventory. Satisfy all your bearing product and service needs from a single source.

Ultimately, we keep your plant running smoothly and efficiently. We'll do this by delivering maximum value to you, helping you become more efficient, more productive, more competitive and more profitable.

Bearing Repair and Reconditioning

We offer services for the repair and reconditioning of all types of bearings damaged by wear, mishandling, or contamination, helping you to save money and prolong a bearing's useful life. Our "rapid response" means we can get the part back to you fast, saving costly downtime.

Spindle Rebuilding

We offer comprehensive services for spindle rebuild, whether it is a high speed boring or grinding spindle.

Condition Monitoring and Maintenance

Kaman offers a variety of bearing accessories, programs and services designed to help you keep a watchful eye on the operational status of your plant's bearings. Our condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and lubrication capabilities will ensure that these critical components are kept at peak performance.

Damage Analysis

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Foreign Material

Typical Causes include improper cleaning methods, poor oil and filtration wear.


Typical causes include damaged packaging, improper storage and worn or damaged seals.

Inadequate Lubrication

Typical causes include improper greases or oil viscosity, low flow rate and high operation temperatures.

Fatigue Spalling

Typical causes include high load, misalignment and stress concentration.

Excessive Preload, Overload and Rollout

Typical causes include excessive load and/or misalignment and improper mounting procedure.


Typical causes include high load, shaft or housing deflection, inaccurate housing or shaft machining.

Handling Damage

Typical causes include improper tool selection (hardened drivers) and poor handling practices.

Cage Damage

Typical causes include improper handling, tools and procedures.

High Spots and Fitting Practices

Typical causes include improper machining, grinding or repair methods.

Improper Fit in Housing or Shafts

Typical causes include wrong size and poor form, shaft or housing stress riser and inaccurate machining.

Brinell and Impact Damage

Typical causes include rough handling and shock loads exceeding the material's limits.

False Brinelling

Typical causes include excessive vibration during shipment, or when the shaft is stationary.

Burns from Electric Current

Typical causes include improper electrical grounding of equipment, welding damage or static discharge.

Adhesive Wear

Typical causes include improper oil film, excess cage friction and gross roller sliding.

Needle Bearing Installation Damage

Typical causes include improper tool design, tool positioning, poor roller alignment and excessive force.