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Hostile Duty Motors: Cast Iron Frame, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

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Hostile Duty Motors

Cast Iron Frame, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Horsepower: 1 ?? 200 HP Phase: Three  Speeds: 3600, 1800, 1200 and 900 RPM  Enclosure:  otally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) T Efficiency Level: NEMA Premium®? Efficient ?? IE3

Product Overview and Features
U.S. MOTORS® brand Hostile Duty motors are designed for industry. This general purpose NEMA Premium®? motor line meets Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA 2007) efficiency requirements. Hostile Duty totally enclosed fan cooled motors reduce operating costs and are suited for rugged applications like pumps, compressors, conveyors or blowers in dusty, damp or dirty environments. Hostile Duty motors are the appropriate choice for applications where the motor works continually and energy efficiency is a must. U.S. MOTORS® brand Hostile Duty motors are available in TEFC ratings from 1????????200 HP dual frequency nameplate. Cast iron construction, corrosion resistant mill and chemical duty paint, heavy guage steel fan covers and conduit boxes are some of the features of this heavy duty workhorse.

Mechanical Features:
?  vailable in T frame and C face A ?  ast iron frame (140: Rolled Steel), Cast iron end brackets C ?  orrosion resistant mill and chemical duty paint C ?  tainless steel nameplate (with CE mark) and S zinc-plated hardware ?  haft slinger on pulley end for IP54 protection S ?  egreasable ball bearings 250 frame and up R ?  ouble shielded bearings 140????????360, open on 400????????440 D ?  teel fan cover and conduit box S ?  ield convertible to F2 mounting 180 Frame and larger F ?  ondensation drains with plastic plugs C ?  onversion kits: Severe duty. All cast iron upgrade, C C&D flanges, drip cover kit ?  ynamically balanced rotors for reduced vibration D ?  ifting provisions on 180 Frame and larger L

Light and heavy industrial applications like those found in pulp and paper plants, saw mills, mines, foundries, chemical plants, waste management facilities ?? any industry requiring an EISA compliant motor in harsh operating conditions.

Hostile Duty Motor

Hostile Duty C-Face Motor

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Hostile Duty Motors, Cast Iron Frame, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Product Overview and Features continued
Electrical Features:
?  oltage Ratings: V - 1??30 HP ?? 200, 208??230/460, 575 Volts - 40??100 HP ?? 200, 230/460, 575 Volts - 125??200 HP ?? 460, 575 Volts ?  .15 service factor@60 Hz 1 ?  0 & 50 Hz ratings on the nameplate: 6 - 208??230/460 or 460V at 60 Hz - 190/380 or 380V at 50 Hz - Full HP at 50 Hz ? Class F Insulation, Class B Rise at full load  on 60 Hz sine wave power ?  0°C ambient, NEMA®? design B performance 4 on 60 Hz sine wave power ?  uitable for Wye-Delta 250 Frame and up S

?  Years from date of installation; 3 42 months from date of manufacture

Inverter Use:
?  0:1VT 4:1 CT when applied within maximum 2 cabling guidelines

The Energy Independence and Security Act and What It Means To You
On December 19, 2010, commercial and industrial motor manufacturers and importers raised efficiencies to the NEMA Premium®? levels for all general purpose motors up to 600 volts, from 1 to 200 horsepower, in NEMA frame sizes. Additional categories of motors were raised to energy efficient levels. All high performance motors carry a nameplate including both 50 and 60 Hz operating data, a NEMA Premium®? trademark and European IE efficiency marks, providing a clear means for both users and OEM??s to verify global regulatory compliance. In addition to a full line of horizontal motors, the U.S. Motors® brand line of vertical motors are available at Premium efficiency levels to address customer requirements. The NEMA Premium®? line also complies with recent Canadian and Mexican standards.

What does this mean for your business?
?  he implementation of NEMA Premium®? and the elimination T of the corresponding energy efficiency standards has removed models in both stock and configured categories. ?  ll customers, whether OEM, reseller or end-user need to comply. A ? OEMs may require 3rd party certification of their equipment  through UL® / CSA®. ?  nd-user will see first cost go up, but will benefit from life E cycle reduction in energy costs.

Want to learn more about motor efficiency and saving energy costs?
The online MotorPro ® training tool features a new module on electric motor energy efficiency. Just visit motorpro, and choose Module 3 for complete details on energy laws and efficiency ?? and on how you can reduce your energy usage and operating costs.

We make the transition EASY
Nidec Motor Corporation??s line of high performance commercial and industrial U.S. Motors brand motors is designed to help industry reduce energy consumption and comply with EISA regulations. This line features upgraded open dripproof and totally enclosed motors that meet or exceed NEMA Premium®? requirements.

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