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Electrical & Automation

Our electrical product offering includes a complete line of AC and DC electric motors, AC and DC adjustable speed drives, controls, clutches, brakes, regulators, relays, sensors, and encoders.

AC/DC Electric Motors

Electric motor recommendations match the best available motor options to each application. We look beyond "like for like" replacement considerations to optimize long term energy cost savings and reliability.

AC/DC Adjustable Speed Drives

We offer state of the art adjustable speed drives - keeping pace with the ever-changing options available in this dynamic industry segment.

Clutches and Brakes

We offer a wide selection of clutch and brake components, which gives you flexibility when specifying original or replacement upgrades. We can offer access to the best manufacturers and the latest technology.

Control Products

Drive systems - or individual components - can be customized with a variety of options. From simple LED displays, to networked logic control, to measurement or monitoring and operator safety, we can meet your control requirements with the most efficient technology available.


Electrical & Automation
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