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Kaman's UP-TIME Publication

UP-TIME is an informative, magazine-style, problem-solution guide, published quarterly for the plant maintenance, production, engineering and MRO audience. Focusing on product application stories and case studies, each issue is developed around a theme and features solutions from a minimum of 15 key Kaman suppliers. It is distributed free to Kaman Industrial Technologies' customers, and copies are also available at Kaman branches. UP-TIME strives to reach highly-motivated, problem-solving oriented maintenance professionals and purchasing agents and presents real-world application problems and product solutions that save customers time and money.

Kaman UP-TIME: Volume 15 Issue 1 - Focus on Cement and Aggregate

Innovations in Automation

UP-TIME: Volume 15 Issue 2

In today's industrial automation marketplace, it is imperatiuve to integrate controls to maximize performance and efficiency. To accomplish this, we rely on programmable logic control and variable frequency drives to start, slow, reverse or stop production equipment without an operator present. Use of sensor and safety technology provides the feedback and protection for operative performance protecting both workers and valuable machinery.

In this issue:

  • Harmony eXLhoist provides intuitive control with one-handed operation
  • Wireless, batteryless pushbuttons offer freedom of movement and increased productivity
  • Cylinders provide solutions to linear motion problems in all types of industries
  • Automatic lubricators with remote mobile programming extend bearing life
  • Motion control couplings allow engineers to select the style that best efits their application needs