Frequently Asked Questions | Kaman Industrial Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What products do you offer?
We are one of North America's largest distributors of power transmission, automation and control products and services. We represent hundreds of quality Manufacturers of various products. Visit our Products page to see more details on all of our lines.

2. Do you offer any shop or fabrication services?
Kaman can provide a variety of shop Services including belt fabrication, hose assembly and machining for customized solutions to meet your needs. We also have in-house reducer build and a variety of repair services.

3. How can I get a catalog of your products?
Kaman does not currently publish a printed catalog of our wide variety of power transmission and automation components. You may visit our Literature section to request or download copies of our product line cards.

4. Where are you located?
Kaman operates a network of more than 180 Branches across the US, Canada and Mexico, maintaining a local supply of inventory to serve our customers. We also utilize several large regional distribution centers located in strategic locations: Albany, NY; Louisville, KY; Milwaukee, WI; Salt Lake City, UT; Ontario, CA; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Each location is set up to provide next day delivery to all customers.

5. Can I order on-line?
Click the Browse Catalog button to browse our on-line catalog and/or to place an order. For a quotation or product information, contact our customer service center toll-free at (888) 235-3550. Our branch locations across North America also stock a variety of products and will be happy to provide you with quotations and specification information. To find your closest Kaman branch, go to Branches or call (800) 526-2626.

6. Can I search based on a product description?
Yes, KamanDirect's search function includes a feature labeled "Click here to define part attributes.". If you have brought up a number of parts in your search, but are looking for a specific measurement or other characteristic among them - such as bore type, material, inside diameter or width - you may click on this area to expand it and view the available search parameters. Once expanded, this section reveals all of the product attributes common to the parts you have found within your search. You can then use the drop-down boxes adjacent to each attribute in order to further specify the item you are looking for.

7. What are the Red Numbers that appear on the search pages?
While searching on, you may notice red numbers next to the quantities of items returned from your Search. These red numbers are keyed to your purchasing history, and show that there exist items within the specified category that you have purchased before. When you clicking on a category where these numbers appear your previously purchased items with be displayed at the top of the list along with your purchase history for these items. This new feature allows you to easily find items that you have already ordered in the past and may need again.

8. Can I compare parts on allows you to view similar items and identify possible substitutions by clicking on the "Substitutes" button, located on the Part Information screen. The "Substitutes" button is only available if there are valid substitute items for the part you are currently viewing. This feature will bring up a list of potential alternate items, showing the Manufacturer, Item and Availability information. Clicking on an item of interest will bring up the item's Part Information page allowing you to review the information and decide if the item is suitable for your specific needs. A full item comparison matrix is in development and is scheduled for a future update of

9. Does your website offer any customizable features?
Many parts of the purchasing experience can be tailored to each user's specific needs. Kaman's website allows you to store your own purchase history, create customized "Storerooms" for quick reordering of regularly purchased items, maintain your account's invoices and purchase order information and also integrate directly with your company's own eBusiness platform.

10. What is the Storeroom function on
The "Storerooms" page allows you to create a personalized "catalog" of items that you purchase on a regular basis - your own personal Storeroom. You might choose to setup separate storerooms for different plant locations, different sections of your manufacturing operation, or even different categories of products - however you like to keep things organized. The new Storeroom will appear under the section titled "My Storerooms", and provides a direct link leading to any of the items that you place inside.

11. What is Kaman's Documented Savings™ program all about?
Kaman Industrial Technologies pioneered a program in the 1980's designed to document in writing, the many customer savings that result from Kaman's technical expertise and total cost management assistance. Through the Documented Savings program, we analyze all the elements of cost and quantify how savings can be achieved through our specific recommendations. This program helps to affirm that total value analysis can result in both immediate bottom-line savings and long-term cost reductions.

12. Do you offer EDI?
Yes, our Electronic Data Interchange capability allows us to eliminate steps and expense within the procurement process by linking our computer system directly to customers' and suppliers' systems. All of our business systems incorporate leading edge technology, and use state-of-the-art 64-bit architecture from Digital Equipment Corporation and the Frame Relay Data Network from AT&T.

13. How can I find out about career opportunities at Kaman Industrial Technologies?
Kaman is always growing and we recognize that building a team of bright people offering their expertise and solutions will enable us to continue our success. We look for people who are skilled, adaptable and self-motivated team players. I you would like to learn more about the specific opportunities that we are currently available, visit the Kaman Careers page.

14. Where can I get an annual report?
Kaman Corporation's website. An on-line version of the annual report is located in the Investor Information section.

15. Where can I find out more about your company?
This web site contains detailed information About Kaman - our products, services and branch locations. You can also contact our corporate headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut at (860) 687-5000.