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Minarik Drives (American Control Electronics) MDPM07-D230-4Q-PCM


Minarik Drives (American Control Electronics) MDPM07-D230-4Q-PCM
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The next generation of PWM controls from Minarik Drives has arrived! Using a 115 or 230 VAC power source, the MDPM Series is designed to run brushed DC motors, up to 240 VDC. The PWM technology creates a cleaner output voltage compared to older SCR circuitry, which allows the motor to run at a cooler operating temperature at comparatively higher and lower speeds. The MDPM is also a regenerative control, meaning it can reverse on-the-fly without any contacts on the motor armature. The integrated dump circuitry eliminates the need for accessory cards and external relays in high inertia applications.

The onboard microprocessor allows for custom programming for OEMs. Whether it's as simple as changing the purpose of a jumper, input, or trim pot, to programming entire routines and behaviors specific only to the OEMs application, the MDPM is great for integrating PLC like functionality into your operation. Doing this can eliminate the need of a separate PLC altogether or enhance a system that currently does not have one.

The MDPM Series is certified to the new UL 61800-5-1 Standard, meaning not only does it contain isolation for remote control from an analog signal, but also has internal Motor Overload Protection circuitry. If a motor requests more amperage than the motor overload protection setting, the drive begins an internal countdown until faulting out. The higher the overload condition, the faster the countdown. With motor overload protection built into the MDPM Series, users won't have to install expensive external devices the perform this function to meet future UL requirements.

Power Rating
1 hp|2 hp|0.75 kW|1.5 kW
DC Drive
Output Current
7 A
Peak Output Current
7 A
Number of Phases
Input Voltage
115 V|230 V
Output Voltage
0 to 130 V|0 to 240 V
Input Current
10 A
Use With
PMDC Motor
Control Type
Potentiometer Isolated Analog VDC Non-Isolated Analog VDC Isolated Analog mA Non-Isolated Analog mA
Minarik Drives (American Control Electronics) MDPM07-D230-4Q-PCM MINARIK DRIVES (AMERICAN CONTROL ELECTRONICS) DC Vari-Speed Control
MDPM07-D230-4Q-PCM MDPM07-D230-4Q-PCM Minarik Drives (American Control Electronics) MDPM07-D230-4Q-PCM