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Kaman Engineered Rubber Products Center

Kaman Engineered Rubber Products Center

Regardless of size or process, belting is the backbone of any commercial printing operation. Kaman's Engineered Rubber Products Centers and belting specialists are ready to help you find the right solution for every press and postpress application.

Our in-house belting experts can help you troubleshoot and solve problems to improve performance:

  • Diagnose causes of premature failure.
  • Prevent curling, cracking, popping and peeling.
  • Analyze tracking issues.

We offer a wide range of belting solutions to help you reduce unplanned downtime, extend belt life and simplify installations.

  • Spliceable options that can be installed in a fraction of the time of endless belts and without use of toxic adhesives.
  • Synchronous belt, timing belt and V-belt products that deliver higher precision and accuracy while reducing maintenance and downtime.
  • Multifunctional belts matched to various surface materials, hardnesses and coefficients of friction, according to function and need.
  • Abrasion-resistant belt covers for the most demanding paper transfer applications.
  • Non-marking belt solutions minimize ink transfer and product loss.
  • A wide range of anti-static, non-anti-static and static-conductive belt alternatives to suit your application.
  • Belt joining tools and recommendations for more consistent and reliable belt splices.

Nationwide Capabilities:

  • Belt repair and maintenance.
  • Full range of premium, value and specialty belting lines.
  • Lightweight and heavyweight belting.
  • Coils cut to length and slit to width to your specifications.
  • Prepped ends for field installation.
  • Hot and cold vulcanizing.
  • Lacing, V-guide and cleat installation.
  • Punching and perforating.

Onsite Field Services:

  • Belt installation.
  • Hot and cold vulcanizing.
  • Belt repair and maintenance.

Together with our manufacturer partners, we also offer onsite training in belt tensioning, identifying worn belts and sheaves, and safely removing and installing belts. Contact your professional account manager to learn more about how to put Kaman's Engineered Rubber Products Centers to work for you.