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Power Generation Case Studies

Kaman Knows Power Generation

At Kaman Industrial Technologies, we believe in delivering innovative solutions that drive bottom-line results for our customers. Our entrepreneurial vision, affinity for technology and can-do attitude sets us apart from the competition. We provide engineered solutions to maximize customer up-time while minimizing costs.

The following messages will help current and potential power generation customers recognize that we understand their concerns and operational challenges.

What differentiates Kaman Industrial Technologies for the Power Generation customer?

  • We have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of the power gen industry, including coal- and natural gas-fired plants, nuclear, hydropower and wind
  • We focus on application-based selling, finding the right solution to your problem rather than just selling direct replenishment parts
  • Our systems approach covers your facility from end to end
  • Our extensive product line card includes the full range of products you need
  • We stock priority items at your local branch to help prevent unscheduled outages and ensure you have what you need, when you need it, backed up by extensive inventory at our regional distribution centers
  • We offer local presence and superior service, so we are more than just a voice on the phone or a page in a catalog when you need help
  • We are focused on helping our customers do things differently and better, finding opportunities to increase productivity and save you money
  • Our knowledgeable salespeople are backed by our network of preferred suppliers and our team of inhouse specialists. Together, we can help you solve problems, upgrade systems and increase productivity
  • We monitor new technologies and products to identify solutions to help you improve production speeds, reduce downtime and cut costs
  • We can find what you need. Rather than spending your time on the phone or online to find unusual or one-off parts, let us put our finely-honed research skills to work on your behalf
  • We can help you reduce downtime, increase productivity and slash energy consumption – and we’ll put it in writing with our Documented Savings™ program

Case Studies