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Product Services

Kaman’s knowledgeable customer service representatives and technical experts are supported by state-of-the art business systems and a company-wide commitment to excellence. We are committed to working with you to achieve your company’s strategic objectives, whatever your focus may be. Kaman can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce your company’s environmental impact by slashing energy costs and implementing greener solutions.

Customer Care Commitment
Kaman’s people, processes and systems are all carefully aligned to deliver the very best service, accurately and efficiently. Our advanced phone system automatically routes your call to an available customer service representative in the network, allowing Kaman to provide uninterupted service, even during high-volume call periods or service outages.

Your account manager is backed by our extended network of product and application specialists to get you the answers you need in just one call. Detailed customer and call histories mean that the person on the phone has immediate access to your company’s specific requirements.

  • Guaranteed live service
  • First call resolution
  • Extended service hours

Energy Management & Sustainability
From reducing your energy spend to reducing your environmental footprint, Kaman can help. Our integrated approach to energy management targets improvements at the component, process and operations level. Kaman’s energy experts will work with you to define opportunities to increase equipment life, operating efficiency and bottom-line profits, while reducing energy consumption, waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Converting systems from “always on” to “on-demand” operation
  • Energy audits of lighting, fan, compressed air, HVAC, pump, chilled water, steam and vacuum systems
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Motor management plans
  • Sub-metering, energy monitoring and reporting programs