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Corporate Account Programs and Services

Focused on Our Customers' Profitability

Through continuous evaluation and closely managed programs, service and relationships, Kaman Industrial Technologies' Corporate Agreements are implemented to develop strategic and tactical objectives, achieving best-in-class business processes, substantial cost reductions and the most efficient management systems.

We accomplish this objective by having the most technically talented product application people, advanced systems, the most customer-focused service and support personnel, and by continually improving our business processes.

Our goal is to make our customers more productive, competitive and profitable.

More than an MRO Part Provider

Our approach to account management is tailored to suit the individual needs of each customer. We offer programs that go beyond the role of product provider, proven to deliver a reduction in the total cost of doing business.

Breaking Further from the Pack

Kaman Industrial Technologies breaks further from the pack by offering the following proven strategy for achieving success:

  • Focused Implementations - special attention to assure long-term success of the agreement
  • Documented Savings™ Program - verifying, in writing, the value of application upgrades, reduced maintenance, increased productivity and more
  • State-of-the-art Electronic Capabilities
  • Customized Services - contract pricing, customer part numbering and bar coding
  • Product Related Services - OEM conversions, product standardization and motor management
  • Analytical Services - storeroom surveys, energy audits and data cleansing
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Training Seminars - maintenance, product, safety and quality
  • Inventory Management

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