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U.S. Tsubaki

TSUBAKI - Providing maximum protection to critical equipment from torque overloading.
  • Torque Limiter Sprockets by U.S. TSUBAKI

    Torque Limiters offer excellent protection from excessive torque and the risks of mechanical overload. U.S. Tsubaki offers a factory pre-assembled Torque Limiter Sprocket that can be used to project any machinery with rotating components.

    Tsubaki has revolutionized the torque limiting device industry by offering all these components pre-assembled and bored-to-order in U.S. End-users can now simply install the fully assembled unit to the shaft, set the torque limit, and move forward with operation.

    Industries that commonly use Torque Limiters to protect machinery:

    • General machining and manufacturing
    • Packaging and assembly
    • Printing
    • Textile manufacturing
    • Forest Products

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