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Planetary servo gear units and synchronous servomotors – A perfect combination.
  • Regardless of your machine design requirements, the new PxG Series planetary gear unit from SEW-EURODRIVE provides an optimized solution tailored to the particular application. The PxG features flexible mounting including solid shaft, splined shaft or flanged block designs.

    Also new from SEW-EURODRIVE, the CM3C Series synchronous servomotors are optimized for high-inertia applications and are available in 4 frame sizes with 3 lengths in each frame size. The compact design of the CM3C Series allows for use even in confined installation spaces and features safe braking, even of heavy loads.

    Driving the world with innovative solutions, SEW-EURODRIVE'S PxG Series planetary gear combined with the CM3C Series servomotors creates a planetary servo gearmotor perfect for any motion control application.


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