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U.S. Motors / Nidec

Time is money...and you can't afford to waste it.
  • Time is money...and you can't afford to waste it. As a trusted name in the motor industry, Nidec Motor Corporation can help you save both time and money with its efficient and reliable motors.

    Steel Edge Motors

    The totally enclosed, fan cooled Steel Edge motor offers a wide range of features including rolled steel frame, rugged motor base, dual voltage ratings, Footed, C-Face Footed and C- Face Footless. Steel Edge is a general purpose three phase motor that is ideally suited for general industrial equipment including fans, blowers, compressors, pumps and direct connected equipment.


    • Rolled Steel Frame
    • Class F Insulation, Class B Rise At Full Load On 60 Hertz Sine Wave Power
    • "CE" Mark On Nameplate (140 Frames and Ratings with Note 03)
    • Shaft Slinger On Pulley End
    • 40°C Ambient, NEMA®† Design B Performance On 60 Hertz Sine Wave Power
    • Sealed Bearings (140 Frame); Double Shielded Bearings (180 Frame and Up)
    • Dual Voltage Ratings Suitable For Part Winding Start (PWS) On Low Voltage

    Nidec Steel Edge Motors, Footed, Footless

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