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Martin helps quarries improve yield, reliability, and safety.
  • Belt conveyor users experience two common problems, which result in safety hazards, reduced yield, and decreased productivity. First, pre-mature idler failures occur due to bearing contamination in outdoor conditions. Second, material carryback leaves piles built up under the conveyor. Martin Idlers, Return Rubber Disc Idlers, and patented Clean Flight Wing Pulleys provide solutions to these operational challenges.

    An aggregate producer was experiencing frequent idler failures due to constant water and dust contamination, requiring annual replacements totaling 10 hours of downtime. The user decided to switch to Martin Idlers in order extend the bearing life and replace the cans less often. Martin Idler’s industry leading triple labyrinth seal consists of an external shield, flinger, grease-filled seal, and a contact lip seal for yet another level of protection. After two years in operation, the user has standardized on Martin idlers and experienced 50% longer life than the idler manufacturer previously used, saving $15,000 of downtime annually.

    The same aggregate producer had excess material piles building up under the conveyors from carryback. These piles represented a safety hazard, reduced yield, and lost production due to the two hours of maintenance cleanup per day. The user began using the Martin Clean Flight Wing pulley and Rubber Disc Return Idlers to shed excess material and properly clean the belt. This solution offered a drastic reduction in material carryback, allowing for maintenance cleanup to go down from 10 hours to 2 hours per week totaling a $36,000 savings of annual production time.

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