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Kaman Introduces Improved 4-Micron Fluid Filter Cart | Kaman Industrial Technologies

Kaman Introduces Improved 4-Micron Fluid Filter Cart

Kaman Filter CartBLOOMFIELD, Connecticut (September 30, 2015) – The Kaman Distribution Group, a leading distributor of industrial products, services and solutions, introduced today the Kaman Filter Cart, a portable filter system for many varieties of industrial fluids, including lubricants, quenching fluids, coolants, synthetic oils, and petroleum-based fluids. The Filter Cart has the capability to filter out contaminant particles down to 4 microns–half the diameter of a red blood cell–the smallest particles that can be removed without stripping the beneficial additives out of the fluid.

By some estimates, anywhere from 70% to 90% of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminants in oil, resulting in downtime, lost productivity, and negative impacts on revenues. By filtering fluids for re-use, thereby prolonging fluid life, and the life of the machinery, producers are also able to save the costs of hazardous waste storage and disposal of used fluids. For the most thorough fluids servicing, the Kaman Fluid Analysis Program is recommended.

The Kaman Fluid Analysis Program is a preventative maintenance solution offered by Kaman as an additional follow-on service. This analysis, provided through an ISO 17025 A2LA accredited testing laboratory, can detect equipment failures before they happen, indicating root causes of failure and allowing equipment operators to prevent catastrophic shutdowns and production losses. Online, near-instantaneous results let producers change daily maintenance practices on the fly, realizing cost savings from day one.

Filter Cart Features

The 16” hard rubber wheels and ruggedized steel frame construction of the Kaman Filter Cart Model 634 allow it to be easily transported to any stationary apparatus where needed. It can be pushed, pulled or lifted by crane or forklift to almost any machine within an operating environment.

The Kaman Filter Cart features an industrial-grade 5 GPM internal gear pump, utilizing a “gear within a gear” mechanism: designed more than 70 years ago, this has proven effective for generations in handling a broad range of fluids. True three-tooth engagement between rotor and pinion extends the service life of the pump and allows for pumping of higher-viscosity lubricants and gear oils.
A 30-micron pre-filter and a 4-micron final filter assembly are available as standard equipment on the Kaman Filter Cart. The 30-micron filters collect the larger particles while the 4-micron does the polishing. All filter elements used on the Kaman Filter Carts are a Beta ratio 1000 or greater. The Beta rating, an industry standard way of rating an element's actual performance, is obtained by counting contaminant particles in the inlet oil, then counting the particles in the outlet oil after it passes through the element. The formula for the Beta ratio is the particle count coming in divided by the particle count going out. Beta 1000 means that for every 1000 particles that pass through the element, only one comes out: it removes 999 out 1000 particles (99.9% effective).

“This filter cart is designed from the wheels up to help our customers perform more effectively and efficiently. Even the best-designed hydraulic systems produce contaminants during normal use. The Kaman Filter Cart can restore fluids to better-than-new condition. By producing top-of-the-line industrial equipment that outperforms the competition, we are solving problems for our clients and saving them money every day,” said David Mayer, Vice President, Marketing & Services, Kaman Distribution.

In addition to the portable filter cart, Kaman also provides two offline filtration models, the 734 Skid-Mounted filtration system, and the 834 Wall-Mounted System. Featuring a 1HP 230/460V 3-phase electric motor, these models are designed for permanent/stationary use with hydraulic, gearbox, and lube systems. Replacement filter cartridge kits in varying micron/filtration levels are also available from Kaman. Filtration level is dependent upon the application. Contact a Kaman representative to select the appropriate filter for your needs.

More information about the Kaman Filter Cart and related products can be found at:


About Kaman Distribution
Kaman Distribution (Kaman) is the distribution segment of Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN).  Kaman is a distributor and service provider to North American industry from more than 200 customer service locations including 19 fabrication and assembly shops and five distribution centers in three business platforms:  Bearings & Power Transmission, Automation, Control & Energy, and Fluid Power.  The company provides a commitment of technological leadership and value-added services to industry.  Kaman’s core business lies in the supply and application of standard components, in addition to offering customers single-source responsibility and accountability for each product line.  Kaman Corporation, founded in 1945 by aviation pioneer Charles H. Kaman, and headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut also conducts business in the aerospace market.


David Mayer
Vice President, Marketing & Services
(860) 687-5185