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CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON - Higher Power Transmission, Longer Service Lives.
  • Continental has a full line of power transmission belts and sprockets that will make your operation more efficient and profitable. Choose from synchronous belts, banded V-belts, specialty belts for variable transmissions and customer-specific drive solutions for industrial equipment.

    Tired of high maintenance chain drives? CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON lowers maintenance costs because it never needs oiling or retensioning, and lasts 2 to 3 times longer than chain drives.

    Continental's SILENTSYNC® is a low-noise, low-vibration drive system that runs 19 dB quieter than straight-tooth synchronous drives – quieter than any other synchronous belt.

      Falcon Pd® handles extremely demanding drives with increased horsepower and low torque. Formulated to resist tooth deformity, the high-grade rubber compound handles temperatures much higher than polyurethane belts can handle.


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