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Continental’s Torque Team Plus® Belt
The Ultimate Upgrade for the Toughest Drives.

Continental’s Torque Team Plus Belt
  • A major Mining customer was experiencing serious issues in their crusher’s banded V-belt. Premature tension loss, slippage and belt failure was causing shutdowns and excessive maintenance costs. And on top of that, it needed to be replaced every 4 weeks.

    The solution? They switched to Continental’s Torque Team Plus® belt -- their highest capacity V-belt known for strength, durability and maximum performance in heavy-duty industrial equipment. It stands up to higher horsepower, high-impact drive requirements, shock loads and abusive environments better than standard joined belts or single V-belts. It's also virtually maintenance free and offers a high resistance to vibration.

    So how did it work at the mine? Torque Team Plus crushed it. It delivered greatly improved performance, eliminated the need for re-tensioning and didn't need replacing for at least 3+ months. Need a tough belt? Ask your Kaman Industrial Technologies representative about the Continental Torque Team Plus belt today.

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