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Smart Machine Design Starts With Smart Tools

Thomson Linear Motion. Optimized™
  • Improve controllability and reduce complexity with Thomson smart actuators.

    Technology behind electric linear actuation has been adapting to Industry 4.0, thereby introducing the smart factory, reshaping how machine designers approach their work and creating new opportunities in a multitude of markets and applications.

    Thomson, a trusted manufacturer that has always stayed ahead of the technology curve, is ushering in a new generation of smart actuators with its Electrak® line of electromechanical linear models.

    An interconnected factory is a productive, efficient factory.
    Once smart actuation is introduced into a facility’s automation process, the benefits are immediate and exponential. Machine design is simplified with increased flexibility and plug-and-play functionality, control capabilities are enhanced, energy usage is decreased, maintenance and downtime experience significant reductions, safety and ergonomics improve, and overall costs are lessened.

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