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SENQCIA MAXCO's Non-Metallic Chain is the Perfect fit for Rectangular Clarifiers and Grit Washer Applications.

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  • Made from unfilled Acetal resin, the NM720S Non-Metallic chain from SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd. provides better durability than glass filled chains, which are brittle and  subject to fracture and fatigue. The T-head polyester pin is an interference style fit that locks into place when installed, no clips or cotters to mess with and does not back out when properly installed.  

    With a minimum strength of over 6,500 lbs., this chain sustains a productive life in a wide range of service conditions and applications such as DAF aeration units, Rectangular Clarifies, Grit washers and Powered scum skimmers. 

    SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd NM720S provides continuous service in clarifiers up to 300 feet in length and has been in service worldwide for over 16 years. Packed in durable cardboard cartons with 20 feet lengths in each box (includes attachment links) it can be stored outside without effects of long-term exposure effecting the chain through UV degradation. Comes with standard F-228 and F-226 attachments.

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