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Martin Conveyor Pulleys and Idlers

Regal Product Family
  • Whether you're moving light or extreme bulk materials, Martin has a vast inventory of reliable Conveyor Pulleys to fit your application needs. Martin Heavy Duty Conveyor Pulleys deliver optimum performance and longevity in the harshest of environments.

    The innovative design of Martin's Clean Flight™ Wing Pulley combines the material rejection technology of a screw conveyor with the durability of a Heavy Duty Wing Pulley. Constructed with distinctly aggressive materials & thick flights, Clean Flight Wing Pulleys can withstand aggressive applications, are available in standard, mine duty, and quarry duty.

    Martin manufactures heavy duty Idlers and components that exceed CEMA standards. Heavy-duty construction and triple labyrinth seals allow for trouble-free part life in the harshest of applications. With Idlers available when and where you need them, Martin can provide the complete solution for your belt conveyor needs.

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