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CR Seals

Rexnord Solutions Help You Optimize Asset Management and Minimize Unplanned Downtime
  • No one knows how seals work with bearings better than SKF.

    Component failures in your equipment lead to costly downtime. While seals may not be perceived as "critical components," the fact is that 51% of premature bearing failures are caused by sealing-related issues like contamination and ineffective lubrication. Is the risk of so much lost productivity worth the minimal savings achieved by using lower tier, less robust seals?

    All seals are not the same
    SKF has a unique perspective on the interplay of the elements in rotating equipment. Thanks to our advanced sealing technologies, designs and development processes, CR Seals outperform the competition on the test bench and in the application.

    Why risk unplanned downtime and high warranty costs with a sub-par seal? Trust your uptime and your bottom line to the robust reliability of CR Seals from SKF.

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