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How can you meet demanding production targets and still be profitable?

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  • Reducing hidden costs that threaten your bottom line is a good place to start. Mounted bearings are often accepted as disposable in non-critical machinery. However, by overlooking the impact of reliable bearings to the health of your machinery, your plant may suffer from the "hidden" costs of lost production, unplanned maintenance or larger-than-necessary spare parts inventory.

    We all experience the strain of doing more with much less. Rigorous production targets, slashed maintenance budgets and loss of experienced workers make it difficult to say ahead. In this lean environment you need external resources that can help you achieve your challenging goals.

    What if you could incorporate a team of experts to help you meet production goals while keeping costs in line? With SKF you will expand your team to include experts with specialized training in rotating machinery. SKF's quality products and best-in-class service can help extend the life of your machines, minimize downtime, and reduce overall operating costs.

    SKF is launching a comprehensive line of mounted bearings to expand our range. Unlike many of the other leading providers of mounted units that source insert bearings from lower tier manufacturers, with SKF you can trust the quality of the housing and most importantly, the bearing inside.

    SKF mounted bearings offer an expanded range and availability for inch and metric sizes, a standardized designation system, and solid, robust housings designed to ABMA standards. Options are available for both corrosive environments and hard-to-access applications. Now you can keep all your machines running as reliably as possible -- and streamline your plant inventory -- with high-quality SKF mounted bearings.

    Rethink what's inside the machines that run your plant - and the mounted bearings they depend on. Think SKF.

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