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Reliable Operation in Extreme Conditions of Soft and Hard Wood Dry Kilns.

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  • Baldor·Reliance® Kiln Duty motors are designed and manufactured for long life on fan and conveyor applications within soft and hardwood drying kilns. These demanding applications require robust electrical designs and mechanical construction to provide reliable motor operation when exposed to high ambient temperatures and extreme humidity levels. Motors are available from 5 to 60 horsepower, 1800, 1200, & 900 RPM on a custom build to order basis for design flexibility, and the entire platform meets NEMA Premium® efficiency.

    Motors are available on a custom build to order basis for design flexibility. Customers may choose from 2 different ambient levels (95 °C and 120 °C) along with available 10:1 variable torque speed range at 95 °C. Kiln Duty motors are designed and built with eight-foot leads, silicone rubber with glass over braid for easy connection to the power supply. Baldor·Reliance brand motors deliver service, performance and reliability in the most demanding applications.

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