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Supplier Security Alerts

Vendors Are Encouraged to Verify Any Suspected Fraudulent Kaman Purchase Orders

Beware of Online Fraud

Kaman, like many companies, can be the victim of "corporate identity theft".  This can occur when fraudulent purchase orders are created from persons falsely representing themselves as authorized Kaman representatives in an effort to obtain product or obtain vendor bank account information for fraudulent purposes. From time to time, vendors have reported receiving suspicious purchase orders bearing names of actual Kaman officers and employees.

Report Suspicious Activities or Information

Please immediately report any suspicious requests to Kaman's Code of Conduct hotline (866) 450-3663 or via mail to:

Kaman Corporation
Attention: Chief Compliance Officer
P.O. Box 1
Bloomfield, CT 06002

Please follow safe business and computing practices to help protect your information.

To Verify a Kaman Purchase Order

First-time vendors receiving purchase orders purporting to originate from Kaman are encouraged to contact the Kaman company identified on the website in order to verify the authenticity of such purchase order.

If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent purchase order, please contact the appropriate Kaman business unit for verification.

The information on this page is provided by Kaman for information purposes only. Vendors are ultimately responsible for protecting themselves and their business from all forms of fraud; however, Kaman will use commercially reasonable efforts to work with any vendor suspecting fraud.