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Kaman Industrial Technologies Knows Sustainability Management

Kaman Knows Sustainability

Green solutions for your community, industry and the environment.

Environmental stewardship, carbon footprint and green manufacturing are words that until recently did not translate into manufacturing up-time, cost savings and production efficiency.

However, with the advent of emerging technologies, manufacturing innovation and corporate advocacy, it is not only possible, but also practical for industrial companies to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Today's plants are finding more and more that going green makes both social and economic sense.

Kaman Industrial Technologies is proud to provide products that offer green solutions to a variety of common production requirements and challenges. Energy efficient motors, bio-degradable lubricants, high-efficiency hybrid bearings and process optimizing condition monitoring devices are just a few products that Kaman Industrial Technologies offers to strengthen the sustainability of your organization and environment. To learn more about some of the products, services and solutions available from Kaman Industrial Technologies, please read the following issues of UP-TIME Magazine

Effective energy management requires an integrated solution that looks at mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems simultaneously as changes in one area will often have implications in another. Some strategies focus on containing energy waste within existing systems. Others suggest whole new ways of doing things. Kaman Industrial Technologies is constantly investigating new methods and ideas to identify the ones that hold the greatest potential for long-term results, including:

  • Leading edge gearing geometries deliver efficiency to your power transmission systems and horsepower to your machines
  • Innovative friction management solutions minimize energy draining drag in bearing applications
  • Cost-driven motor management strategies provide a balanced, practical approach to ensure reliability and energy savings
  • Variable demand system optimization eliminates energy waste during off-peak cycles
  • High efficiency, variable output power units create surprising levels of efficiency in hydraulic systems
  • Comprehensive lubrication management programs help to cut energy consumption while extending the life of your components
  • Leak detection and repair programs pinpoint sources that drain power and waste energy
  • Belt tensioning audits help reduce drag and wear created by over-tensioned belt drives
  • Utility rebate assistance ensures that you reap all of the benefits you've earned through your energy management practices

Sustainable Solutions

UP-TIME: Volume 11 Issue 4

In this issue of UP-TIME, Kaman Industrial Technologies brings you the latest in sustainable solutions. Most companies have sustainability goals designed to drive down energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint or achieve other mandates established to offset the environmental impact of their operations. However, finding and implementing solutions to meet these goals is often challenging.

Energy Efficient & Sustainable Solutions

UP-TIME: Volume 10 Issue 1

In this issue of UP-TIME, we present solutions that not only deliver cost savings but more importantly add value to the long-term sustainability of your operations. Call your local Kaman Industrial Technologies representative today and let us help you determine the benefit gained in the total cost of ownership by implementing the right solution and not just the cost of a product.

Energy Efficient & Green Solutions

UP-TIME: Volume 9 Issue 1

In this issue of UP-TIME, we present some of the solutions that will help you seize opportunities to lower your energy bills while extending the life of your equipment. So, call your local Kaman Industrial Technologies representative today and let's get started on achieving those cost savings for your everyday operations.

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