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Kaman Industrial Technologies Knows Printing

Kaman Industrial Technologies Knows Printing

Commercial printing is a highly competitive business.

Customers are demanding faster and shorter runs, greener processes and new services. Digital technology and advanced database management are creating new and exciting applications for custom printing... and new headaches in the press and finishing departments. Competition continues to grow from electronic media, quick-printers and customers' own in-house resources — and pressure from rising costs and commodity pricing adds even more stress to the industry.

With no opportunity to pass these costs on to customers, commercial printers are forced to focus on improving operating efficiency, increasing production speeds and reducing labor costs to compete effectively and stay profitable. As a result, equipment speeds often exceed manufacturer specifications while high-volume production and turnaround requirements make unplanned downtime unacceptable. Preventing substrate tears, jams and misfeeds is critical to productivity, as well as protecting printed product from marking, smudging and set-off.

Kaman Industrial Technologies is focused on helping printers address these critical concerns and other unique production challenges.

Our product and service capabilities are supported by a variety of value-added programs. Solutions include equipment and storeroom surveys, inventory management, database management, maintenance seminars, warranty tracking and easy online ordering.

Put us to the test. Find out how Kaman Industrial Technologies' focus on printing can help you become more productive, more competitive and more profitable.

More Information on Printing Capabilities

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