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Case Studies

We're dedicated to providing our customers with solutions that conserve energy, reduce downtime and minimize costs. Browse our case studies to learn how we have helped organizations achieve their goals and produce quality products.

AES Engineered Systems Values Kaman Industrial Technologies in 'Partner' Role

Kaman Industrial Technologies has successfully teamed with AES Engineered Systems in the design, development and manufacture of a wide-range of innovative, high-quality technical products for the paper and pulp industry.

Kaman Industrial Technologies supplies AES with everything from motors and reducers to bearings and belts. "We supply the parts they need for their 20 different product lines," says Mike Wendling, Kaman Industrial Technologies' Glens Falls, NY branch manager.

Kaman Industrial Technologies Drives Initiative to Save Pulp & Paper Mill $225,000

A New York pulp & paper mill needed to replace the worn out, low RPM, fixed-speed motors that were driving their Jordan refiners. Lead time from the offshore OEM was a year - and at a considerable cost premium.




Kaman Industrial Technologies Helps Put Giant Telescope Back in Action

A representative of Kaman Industrial Technologies in Hawaii opened a window on the universe for a number of unsuspecting astronomers around the world last fall.

The Kaman Industrial Technologies branch office played a key role in getting a malfunctioning telescope back in operation much more quickly than had been expected.


Kaman Industrial Technologies Enables Unmanned Sub to Explore Ocean Depths

Remotely operated deep sea research vehicle about to be lowered into the Pacific Ocean. Kaman Industrial Technologies has sunk to new depths to serve a very unique customer – but it's all for a good cause says Gary Trafford, who manages Kaman Industrial Technologies' Nanaimo, British Columbia Branch.


Kaman Industrial Technologies Helps Reduce Cost Per Scream

It may be hard to remember while riding the boomerangs and corkscrew loops of the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, that all that excitement depends on grease.



Robotics Maker Looks To Kaman Industrial Technologies For Precision Parts, Value-Added Services

When Silicon Valley's Hine Design needed a special high-quality, precision component to drive the robotic arm they make to move incredibly fragile semiconductor silicon wafers, they went to Kaman Industrial Technologies.



Vibration Challenge Solved by Kaman Industrial Technologies and Dow Corning

When Strescon Industries of Odenton, Maryland, needed a grease that could hold on, plant superintendent, George D. Butler called the Baltimore branch of Kaman Industrial Technologies for a solution. Sales representatives from both Kaman Industrial Technologies and Dow Corning Corporation visited the facility to survey the problem.


Wood Products Manufacturer Turns to Kaman Industrial Technologies When Chips Are Down

A wood chip maker thought they needed a new oil cooler for a chronic problem it was having with a hydraulic power unit. After evaluating the application, Kaman Industrial Technologies recommended changing the process, not just the part.The strategy solved the problem and produced significant savings for the company.


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