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Service Reliability KamanDirect's Maintenance & Reliability Services help to proactively identify and resolve crises before they occur and swiftly engage the necessary resources to improve competitiveness and success in Kaman Industrial Technologies

Maintenance & Reliability Services

Kaman Industrial Technologies works collaboratively with customers to shift from Reactive Maintenance to Proactive Maintenance and shift from Time-Based Maintenance to Condition-Based Maintenance.

Kaman Industrial Technologies' Maintenance & Reliability Services can help to proactively identify and resolve crises before they occur and swiftly engage the necessary resources to improve competitiveness and success in any industry. Kaman Industrial Technologies' program engages with our customers to design custom solutions beyond the traditional role of a distributor.

Criticality Assessment

We know how to effectively determine and schedule equipment maintenance with a systematic approach to aide in setting priorities.

PM Optimization

Our PM Optimization program reduces or replaces non-value added tasks, ensures valued tasks are performed with proper instruction and acceptance criteria, standardizes on "master job plans" and imports these job plans into a CMMS management system for scheduling.

Work Planning and Scheduling

Kaman Industrial Technologies' suite of tools enables our customers to increase operational effectiveness, reduce delays and improve "wrench time".

Inventory Management

We'll help to "right size" inventory levels and order points, improve turns, remove "dead stock" and consolidate redundant items.


We offer the education and processes needed to move organizations forward towards a proactive approach to maintenance.

PdM Services

Kaman Industrial Technologies provides a variety of condition monitoring and PdM technologies to help facilitate a conditioned-based approach, including:

  • Electrical infrared
  • Aerial infrared rooftop
  • Mechanical infrared
  • Electric motor testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Vibration analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Visual inspection (compliance)

Implementation of a complete program can significantly increase uptime, throughput, MTBF, and wrench time while significantly reducing unplanned downtime, failures, reactive maintenance costs, PM costs, inventory levels and energy costs.

More Information

Predictive Service Overview

Predictive Service is a global leader in reliability and sustainability providing integrated solutions combined with leading-edge technology. The company is a value-added partner to its clients through an innovative delivery platform and unmatched customer service. Its reliability and sustainability services specialize in: reliability consulting, predictive technologies, energy audits, equipment assessments and maintenance repair solutions. Predictive Service is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and serves an international client base with offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.