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Service Kaman Industrial Technologies

Material Handling Services

Kaman Industrial Technologies is one of North America's premier suppliers of bulk and unit handling equipment used for transporting materials. Whether it's aggregate, mining, food preparation, bottling or parts manufacturing, we can provide everything from replacement components to custom-designed solutions.

Along with an inventory of material handling items–belting, chain, idlers, pulleys, buckets, to name a few–we also carry related items like bearings, motors, power transmission equipment, and a host of accessory products.

All products and services are available through our network of nearly 200 locations, all backed by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the material handling industry.

Custom design and fabrication services can satisfy many material handling needs. We can design a wide range of systems or components. Services include belt fabrication, reducer assembly, machining and control panel integration.

Material Handling

Replacement parts and special technology services are just the beginning. We can show you how to integrate product and process solutions for optimum inventory and systems control.

Documented Savings–a "Total Cost Management" program we pioneered–can show you how to achieve substantial savings. We can also help you with inventory, procurement, store-room, tool room and supply chain management.

Advanced information systems–like EDI, bar coding, SPC reports–and other special programs like application upgrades, sol source national agreements and international support are typical Kaman Industrial Technologies innovations that can improve the overall efficiency of your operation while driving more profit to your bottom line.

Finding ways to reduce cost from your process is a skill matched only by our reputation for customer service and the quality and expertise of our people. Ultimately, we want to help you become more productive, more competitive and more profitable at what you do. Maximizing plant up time is our goal.

Lightweight Belt Fabrication

Kaman Industrial Technologies offers complete design and fabrication services for all your lightweight belting requirements. Services include cleating, die-cutting, perforationg, puley lagging, slitting, splicing, V-guiding, and vulcanization. Field services are also available.

Heavyweight Belt Fabrication

Custom belt fabrication, vulcanization, lacing, slitting, cleating, and perforation. Heavy duty black-belt, PVC, urethane, rubber, and monofilament, in widths up to 72" wide by any length.

Reducer Assembly & Repair

Reducer/gear motor assembly to any specification. Wide range of sizes and designs including C-face, D-Flange, multi-stage, planetary, bevel, helical, herringbone, scoop and shaft mount. Fast turnaround. Same day shipments available.