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Introducing SKF Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Mounted taper roller bearings must withstand harsh environments like those found in mining and aggregate applications. Most fail due to the seals allowing contaminants inside. SKF has combined its bearing expertise with proven CR Seals technology to develop their first-ever mounted tapered roller bearing.

    A Type E bearing needs a seal that not only can handle the rigorous contamination demands but truly performs. With CR Seals, SKF delivers just that. A seal with multiple lips to provide excellent protection from contamination.

    To make sure the units perform in demanding environments, SKF subjected the seals and competitors’ seals to worst-case industrial environments. On the competitors’ seals, the test had to be stopped anywhere from 5 – 50 hours due to seal leakage while the CR Seal from SKF performed over 10x the next best competitor.

    Contact your Kaman Industrial Technologies’ representative to learn how you can avoid unplanned downtime and the devastating effects of lost production and achieve reliable rotation for the world’s dirtiest jobs.

      SKF Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings

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SKF Mounted Tapered Roller Bearing

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