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Feather Picker Motor - The Ideal Solution for Harsh Washdown Environments
  • Picking/defeathering areas are extremely harsh environments in poultry processing facilities. Because these areas are not sanitary, daily high pressure wash-down is required. These extreme conditions can cause serious motor damage due to ingress of water and other solid contaminants, resulting in a typical 6 month average life expectancy for a common motor. Typical reasons for motor failure in wash-down environments include single phasing, shorted windings, shorted conduit box connections, and bearing failures due to water or excessive overhung load on the output shaft.

    SEW-EURODRIVE offers a harsh environment motor that carries a 2 year warranty against motor failure from moisture damage. Our Industry Option Package (IOP) protects the internal components and has a significantly longer life in harsh poultry processing environments.

    Direct cost savings

    In a common replacement scenario, a typical user can save 62% by using one SEW-EURODRIVE harsh duty motor with a 2 year warranty, as opposed to four standard motors that typically fail every 6 months.

    SEW-EURODRIVE’s picker motor features include:

    • 2-year warranty against motor failure from moisture damage
    • Fully encapsulated inverter duty stator
    • Fully encapsulated conduit box
    • FKM seal on both sides of the shaft
    • Multi-layered coating process
    • Food processing approved power cable - 20’
    • Stainless steel connector/or direct motor connection with strain relief
    • Stainless steel nameplate
    • 3 HP, IEC flange-mounted motor - DRN100LM4
    • Special food industry finish coating
    • 230V or 460V option

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