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What’s Inside Keeps What’s Outside Out.
  • Washdown duty motors are used in tough environments. With constant exposure to high-pressure sprays and harsh chemicals, the slightest opening could lead to motor damage or bacteria build-up. That’s why Regal Rexnord leaves nothing to chance, by designing the Extreme Duck® Ultra motor more watertight than ever before.

    The entire motor housing, including the end bells, is encapsulated for unsurpassed sealing. In addition, they make bearing maintenance quick and easy with the patented QCar rotor cartridge. It allows for bearing change out in a matter of minutes.

    With timesaving maintenance features like the Q-Car rotor cartridge, the LEESON® Extreme Duck Ultra motor is the new model for mission critical performance in the toughest environments. When every last-minute matters, count on the IP69 LEESON Extreme Duck Ultra Motor.

    LEESON® Extreme Duck® Ultra Motor

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