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The Tsubaki® Titan® Roller Chain incorporates the Best of our Standard ASME/ANSI Chain with New and Unique Features.
  • The Tsubaki Titan Roller Chain integrates the latest advancements from Tsubaki’s research and development to increase the wear life of roller chains in high speed and harsh environments. The Titan Chain provides a harder surface, lowering friction pin which limits the wear between the pin and bushing area. It has been tested against other manufacturer’s chains and the results are obvious—Titan Chain extends wear life and outperforms the competition in similar environments.

      The Titan Chain Construction Offers Distinct Advantages:

      • Special Coated Pins
      • Zinc Coated Pin Link Plates and Black Oxide Roller Link Plates
      • Solid Lube Groove Bushing
      • Ring Coined Connecting Links
    • Common Applications:

      • Lumber Mill
      • Harsh Environment Drives
      • Foundry Drive
      • Rubber Tire Festooner
      • Bakery - Bread Slicing
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