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Break the Chains Of Maintenance with Continental’s CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON.

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CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON is among the world’s highest-performing belts. Its incredible strength gives it the power to replace chain drives in the same space and frees you from the need to lubricate or re-tension the drive, saving maintenance costs, increasing uptime and improving efficiency.

CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON Unlike Chain Drives, CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON never needs re-oiling, so the benefits are obvious. It also never needs re-tensioning so you’re always getting peak efficiency from CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON because who has time to bring an operation to a halt to tweak a belt? But the advantages of Continental’s CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON don’t stop there. The belt is oil, grease and ozone resistant, as well as anti-aging.

Plus, it can last 2 to 3 times longer than chain drives. It’s also quieter in operation because of its smooth engagement of teeth and reduced vibration.

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