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Rexnord offers smart solutions from smart people committed to keep you running reliably and efficiently. Our outstanding portfolio of brands gives industrial customers the Rexnord digi-mechanical advantage: We use premium mechanical components plus future-ready digital technologies to amplify the innovation and excellence you’ll need to stay competitive tomorrow. Request More Information

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Rexnord is your trusted partner from start to finish, today and tomorrow.



We’re trusted in industries where uptime is crucial, where customers count on Rexnord products to provide the longest operating life, the highest performance, and the least consumption of resources, all at the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.



We advance our mechanical and digital technology solutions based directly on the voices of our key customers, exemplifying Rexnord’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Our associates are empowered to find smarter ways to solve application challenges and new ways to improve business performance.



Our solutions build on a 125+ year knowledge base, with talented engineers designing products for your applications. The result is a huge portfolio of trusted brands and products, including our legendary mechanical solutions and our forward focused digital technologies.


Rexnord: The right product right when you need it

Case Studies

Rexnord - Planetgear Concentric Gear Drives

Designed to meet every operating challenge.

Gears keep the industrial world moving. Rexnord is a leading manufacturer of concentric inline gear drives for the heavy-duty industrial market.

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Rexnord - Add Smart Monitoring, Increase Productivity.

When Uptime Matters, the Falk V-Class Delivers.

From the woodyard, to the sawmill, to the manufacturing process itself, versatile Falk drives have been part of the forest industry for more than 100 years.

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Rexnord Link-Belt 300 Series

Don’t sacrifice speed for load capacity

The Link-Belt 300 Series features easy to mount tapered adapters that automatically center the shaft for a concentric fit, maximizing the shaft-bearing balance and extending bearing life.

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Designed to prevent failure and minimize replacement cost

Whether it’s a customized premium performance bearing, or a high-quality off-the-shelf bearing solution, Rexnord has the bearings for every application.

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Steelflex Grid Couplings - Known for durability in critical applications

Known for durability in critical applications, Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings combine the economy and high torque capacity of a gear coupling with the torsional flexibility and low maintenance of a disc or elastomeric coupling.

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Rex and Link-Belt mounted roller bearings

Rexnord® and Link-Belt® bearing brands have long set the standard for quality, durability, and performance that customers have come to expect.

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Add Smart Monitoring, increase productivity.

Rexnord’s Smart Condition Monitoring System uses proprietary algorithms to continuously compare sensor data against models of healthy drive operating conditions.

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Rexnord Thomas Disc Couplings are designed for long life.

Rexnord's experience and dedication to conservative design standards ensure customers the maximum reliability on the most critical power train systems.


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Rexnord Solutions help you optimize asset management and minimize unplanned downtime

Rexnord provides a range of locally and IIoT Smart-connected industrial products that offer a means to monitor the various critical parameters of your equipment and applications.

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Choose Rexnord, USA’s premier gear manufacturer, because downtime is not an option when it comes to your gear drives.

More than 100 years of experience, a full product line, technical support and local service allow for maximum performance and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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