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ReliaMark power transmission products are designed to deliver both reliable performance and cost-efficiency. Every product is utility-tested and engineered to meet stringent standards for uniformity in dimension, heat treatment, tensile strength and other critical characteristics. As a cost-effective alternative designed specifically for general-duty use, ReliaMark’s expanding line of products are available in all frequently ordered sizes and specifications, including ball bearings, mounted units, roller chain, seals, gauges, sheaves and more.
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Looking for applied-power components? Trans-Power provides steady performance for general-purpose applications.

Kaman Industrial Technologies' mission is to make manufacturing safer, more efficient and more competitive.



ReliaMark products are manufactured to meet common industry safety standards for most general-duty applications.



The ReliaMark product line provides above-standard performance for general-duty applications in all frequently ordered sizes and specifications.



With ReliaMark, you can achieve significant savings without compromising the integrity of your systems – Cut costs, not corners on commonly ordered items.